Why I Don’t Like To Read

What do you do if you don’t like to read? Certainly an easy route is not to become an English major. I enjoy writing, not so much the reading. I got through college with the help of http://www.sparknotes.com for those pesky literature classes.

If you aren’t in school and you don’t like to read, there’s no problem. Don’t read. Problem solved. Tada!

If you aren’t in school, don’t like to read, but feel guilty because people who don’t read are looked down upon by society, then you just need to find your genre. It’s not that you actually don’t like to read. Saying you don’t like to read is like saying, “I don’t care much for breathing.” You can’t help reading. You learned English, words are everywhere, and what do you know, you’re reading without knowing it all day long!

It’s just that you haven’t found anything you like from what you’ve read so far. I’m extremely picky and have an anti-authority complex. If it was assigned to me, I didn’t want to read it. And if I did read it, I didn’t like it – probably because someone told me I had to read it. Now that I am out of school and reading whatever I want to read, I do occasionally find reading enjoyable.

Out of every review I put up, I started reading 5 other books that I couldn’t get past the first few chapters. There’s just a lot of books out there I don’t care for. Typically this includes 99% of all fiction (new or classic), anything with or about violence, horror, or drama. That’s what the real world is for. Why would I want to read a made up story about something I myself would never want to experience? So that leaves a small window of books I can make it through – almost exclusively nonfiction, reference books, books with happy endings, inspiring and uplifting books, comedies, and short story collections.

Most books I pick up, I go right to the last five pages. I read those and if I don’t like what I’ve read, I don’t even start. It is difficult to find books worth reading, but when one does meet my criteria, it’s a keeper. I have such a narrow list of good books, I will often just read those books repeatedly.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t like to read. You just haven’t found anything worth your time yet.


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