Creative Flowdreaming by Summer McStravick

Many years ago I started listening to Hay House Radio online ( There’s some seriously kooky names for some of the programs.  Ex. – “Angel Therapy”, “Feng Shui and Space Cleaning Secrets of Your Animal Guides.” Among the weird hosts there were a few gems I listened to faithfully and applied to my life and got good results. I can’t recommend this radio station enough if you work in a hostile environment or for an asshole employer.

One of the gems is a show called Flowdreaming with Summer McStravick. It was the perfect blend of contemporary spirituality and stress reduction techniques. Her main platform was teaching people how to use a blend of meditation, daydreaming, and focus to change their lives. It made me all warm and tingly all over and made me feel hopeful again about my life.

Summer published her first book about Flowdreaming in 2006, and it was the perfect manual to supplement her radio show. In her second book Creative Flowdreaming, Summer sets up some pretty big promises for her book, like how she didn’t rely on scientific evidence and instead reveals personal information as her support. And nothing lends believability like getting rid of icky science and going with personal accounts.

The first third of the book held up nicely and flowed with what she started in her first book, but then it took a weird turn. Around the middle, Summer started to sound like she just found out how the universe works and now she’s telling us the “truth” that she, all by herself, discovered. It has such a tone of “This IS what you should believe because it’s what I know to be true” and “if you want a better life faster than you better adopt these beliefs as soon as possible.” But it’s common sense stuff to anyone remotely practicing in the New Age arena.

The book spirals down into what reads like Summer just trying to convince herself of some newfound spirituality diet she started on. This book really turned me off from any book she writes in the future and her radio show. After reading this, I just can’t listen to her anymore and take her serious.


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