Sara, Book 2 by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks

As I mentioned in a review below for the first book, this series is fantastic, and I can’t wait to read them to children I might have in the future. Book 2 follows the adventures of Sara and Seth, who has just moved to town. Sara takes all of the principles she learned in the first book about how to shape your own reality and teaches them to Seth. Seth is a very willing learner. The two set out together and turn seemingly insurmountable events into wonderful, beneficial ones for everyone involved.

Seth builds a tree house near the river, with a rope swing as well. Sara and Seth have many wonderful days after school there learning, swinging over the river, and climbing the tree. One day the owner of the property finds out they have been swinging from the tree and forbids them from going there because he is worried they will fall and seriously hurt themselves. Sara and Seth use the Law of Attraction principles to control what they can and eventually the events turn in their favor. 

Reading about how Seth and Sara’s friendship develops is one of the highlights of the book. It’s exactly the kind of friend I want to have – one who only fosters the best from you. This book, and the first, are some of my favorites and I will be reading them over and over.


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  1. For information regarding The Law of Attraction .. .. It’s an amazing world out there!

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