Sit, Ubu, Sit by Gary David Goldberg

Sit, Ubu, Sit is the autobiography of Gary David Goldberg, the creator of Sin City, Family Ties, Brooklyn Bridge, and many other TV shows.  The book is a chronological look at his childhood, wandering 20’s, his rise in television writing, his abundant success, and eventually his retirement.  Anyone who watched television in the 80’s knows the line “Sit, Ubu sit. Good dog” from the end of his shows.  In one of the most touching parts of the book, Goldberg talks about his beloved black Lab, Ubu.  I don’t know why I was so surprised Ubu was a real dog, maybe because 99% of everything in Hollywood is fake.  I actually shed a tear to learn when Goldberg was at the height of his success, he just didn’t have the time to care for Ubu properly.  At eight years old, Goldberg sent Ubu to live with family friends in Missouri. Goldberg says giving Ubu away is the only regret he has in life.  As a dog owner, I would have to agree.  

This book is a very lighthearted, quick read with many great jokes just like his TV shows.  Throughout the book, Goldberg emphasizes that having a good time and loving the people around him was more important than the multi-million dollar syndication deals.  It really comes across well that Goldberg was in the business only because he loved to write.  This book is such a good example of doing what you love and the money will come to you. 

There are so many touching stories throughout Goldberg’s life.  He ran a day care with his wife when their first daughter was born, long before writing for TV.  How heartbreaking it was when they learned Michael J. Fox had Parkinson’s.  Fighting the city of Brentwood so he and his wife could start a school for girls.  Each story is told so well.  The only downside of the book is at the very end when Goldberg does a retrospective, but it is only bad because I wanted him to keep going.  He’s the kind of story teller that leaves you feeling so good after hearing the stories and yet a little depressed because the story ended.


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